There is a superb choice of Northern Saints Trails for you to explore across the North East, but it can be tricky to know which one to choose and how to begin your planning. We’ve picked five top website tips to help you have the ultimate walking experience.

View of Penshaw Monument, Sunderland at dusk

1. Read and Watch

For a general overview of the Northern Saints Trails, have a read of the homepage, watch the inspiring video at the top, then click on the word ‘ABOUT’ in the menu. This will bring up a list of the Northern Saints Trails, starting with The Way of Light.

Don’t be put off by the long distances, it’s up to you how much of the route you’d like to walk and which direction you wish to go in. Then go to the ‘TRAILS’ section of the menu, click on the one you’d like to know more about, for example The Way of the Sea, have a read of its description, watch the video and have a scroll through some of the images. 

Couple walking in Durham Dales, reservoir and heather in view

2. Download the Route Description

No need to worry about getting lost on your walk, simply download the route description to keep on your phone. Click on a trail such as The Way of Life, then scroll down to ‘Downloads’ and you will see a Route Description PDF. Most trails have two Route Description PDFs, this is because the routes are in opposite directions. Within the route description download you’ll find detailed information telling you exactly where to go, with maps to guide you and fascinating information about the history linked to each trail.

You can also download the trail leaflet for images of the places you’ll see and intriguing information about the walking route. Plus each trail has a downloadble GPX file which can be used in various walking apps.

Shadow of people walking next to Northern Saints Trails waymarker

3. Look at the Map

It really is easy to know where to head on your walk as there is another map available. On each trail scroll down past ‘Downloads’ and you’ll see a Google map with pinpoints and numbers. Zoom in and click on a pinpoint to give you a text description of exactly where to go at that point of the Northern Saints Trail. Make sure you click on the pinpoint and not the number to view the text; the cursor should look like a hand with the index finger pointing up. 

View of Gables Pod Camping at night, Escomb

4. Stay

To have an even more exciting walking adventure, turn it into a walking holiday! Check out the ‘STAY’ section to find a fantastic range of accommodation providers, from elegant hotels such as Lord Crewe Arms by The Way of Light to glamping in a charming garden at The Gables Pod Camping by The Way of Life.

View of St Mary's Lighthouse, reflection in water, Whitley Bay

5. Discover Places to Eat and Attractions

Remember to use the ‘FOOD & DRINK’ and the ‘SEE & DO’ sections of the website to make your walking experience even more memorable. For each Northern Saints Trail, you’ll find tasty pit stops and incredible attractions.

Take in the stunning sea views as you dine in the 1910 Restaurant at Spanish City on The Way of The Sea, delve into the past at Newcastle Castle on The Angel’s Way or admire the art at The National Glass Centre on The Way of Learning. Additionally, underneath the Google map of each Northern Saints Trail there is an ‘Along This Route’ section, where you’ll find headings such as ‘Attraction’ and ‘Eating Out’.

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