The Trails portray the region’s Saints and their stories, set against a backdrop of the very best of the region’s attractions, landscapes, places to eat and drink and visitor accommodation. The Trails are rooted in the region’s considerable Christian heritage but walking and pilgrimage appeal to those of other faiths or those who are not religious; motivations to walk the trails will vary from relaxation, personal spirituality, a walking challenge, the chance to get back to nature and discover stunning landscapes, health and wellbeing, family activities or to uncover the region’s fascinating history.

The routes and the Saints

1. The Way of Light – St Cuthbert & St Wilfrid associations
Heavenfield/Hexham to Durham
Distance 45 miles or 72 kilometres

2. The Way of Life – route begins at St Mary’s Well, a symbol of life, also St Cuthbert associations
Gainford to Durham
Distance 29 miles or 47 kilometres

3. The Way of Love - association with St Hilda, and King Canute’s pilgrimage in 1020 as an act of devotion
Durham to Hartlepool.
Distance 28 miles or 45.5 kilometres

4. The Way of Learning – St Bede, one of the greatest historical scholars association
Jarrow to Durham
Distance 38 miles or 61 kilometres 

5. The Angel’s Way – Angel of the North, St Cuthbert and St Mary associations
Seaton Sluice to Chester le Street
Distance 30 miles or 48 kilometres

6. The Way of the Sea – St Oswald associations, mostly navigates along the coast and follows England’s Coastal Path, connecting with the Way of Learning at Jarrow
Warkworth to North Shields
Distance 38 miles or 61 kilometres