Enjoy memorable moments that will last a lifetime at Locomotion, a museum home to historic railway vehicles and engines, found in Shildon - the world's first railway town. 

How many of these moments will you enjoy? 

view of the main collections hall at Locomotion, Shildon

Be amazed by the scale of the main hall and the awe-inspiring items within, including more than 70 historic rail vehicles.

dad and son sat inside a railway engine cab at Locomotion, Shildon

Climb aboard the cab of LMS Black 5 No. 5000, where the museum’s knowledgeable guides will tell you all about life on the footplate.

family walking outside of the collections hall at Locomotion, Shildon

Embark on your own journey on one of the museum’s Rail Trails, taking in historic railway sites along the way.

women eating inside Café Number One at Locomotion, Shildon

Enjoy Eurostar seating while you eat your lunch at Café Number One

historic vehicles on display outside Locomotion, Shildon

Enjoy one of the museum’s regular special events– from model railway and photography exhibitions to craft and storytelling sessions for children.

close up view of Locomotion Number One replica at Locomotion, Shildon

Get up close to the original Locomotion No. 1, the first locomotive in the world to pull a passenger train – a journey that began in Shildon almost 200 years ago.

family looking at historic engine at Locomotion, Shildon

Learn more about the instrumental role Shildon played in the development of the railways as you walk among incredible feats of engineering.

artist impression of new play ground at Locomotion, Shildon

Let the kids blow off some steam in the brand new outdoor play area.

Queen Alexandra’s Saloon on display at Locomotion, Shildon

Take a look at Queen Alexandra’s Saloon, a sumptuous railway carriage built for royalty in 1902.

gift shop at Locomotion, Shildon

Treat yourself to copies of vintage travel posters, along with railway themed books, puzzles, games, model engines and more, in the gift shop. 

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