Our "Grand Designs"

Our Grand Designs

Our "Grand Designs"

Perfectly and picturesquely positioned, with a delightful mix of culture and cafés, history and heritage. Durham City is small in size but big on impact.

Durham Cathedral and Durham Castle together form a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are approached by ancient, winding streets, culminating in a jaw-dropping moment as the view opens up. Centuries of human life, faith and creativity are a step away. It’s not just about the grandeur of the Cathedral’s Romanesque architecture, the beauty of its stained glass windows or the 7th century personalities of St Cuthbert and the Venerable Bede, who lie at rest within its ancient walls. It’s also about the living sound of the choir practising. About the sense of calmness in a busy world. About the skill of modern artists who have embroidered, painted and sculptured to embellish the ancient with the modern.

At Durham Castle, where the once mighty Prince Bishops of Durham lived and entertained on a regal scale, a tour with a student guide will reveal the fascinating stories that lie within the ancient walls that are now home to University College.
Set between these majestic buildings is Durham University’s Palace Green Library. Founded by Bishop John Cosin in the 17th Century, it houses some of Durham University’s fascinating collections and hosts a programme of enthralling exhibitions.

Continuing the theme, can a 600-year old institution be a “new kid on the block”? Durham School can. Founded in 1414, this is the oldest institution of learning in Durham City and now offers guided tours that will explore buildings steeped in tradition and a chapel built to commemorate the sacrifice of former pupils during the First World War.

Did you know…

Open Treasure at Durham Cathedral houses some of the most significant surviving Anglo-Saxon artefacts in the UK. Through a world-class exhibition experience, it offers a remarkable insight into the life of St Cuthbert, one of North East England’s best-loved saints.

Tour suggestions…

Half day:
Durham Cathedral and Durham Castle

Full day:
Durham Cathedral and Durham Castle
plus Durham University’s Palace Green

Durham Cathedral and Durham Castle
plus Durham School (guided tours
available in school holiday periods)

Hotel suggestions…

Marriott Royal County.

Radisson Blu.

Hotel Indigo.

Durham University Accommodation.

Useful information…

Coach travelling time:
Durham City Centre to Durham School -
10 minutes

The Sands coach park,
Durham City DH1 1SQ

Durham School DH1 4SZ

Palace Green Library DH1 3RN

Marriott Royal
County Hotel DH1 3JN

Radisson Blu Hotel DH1 5TA

Hotel Indigo DH1 3HP