Hadrian's Wall

The North of England
Hadrian's Wall


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SegedunumSegedunum Roman Fort and Museum, WallsendSegedunum Roman Fort is the gateway to Hadrian's Wall. Explore the excavated fort site, visit reconstructions of a Roman bath house, learn about the history of the area in the museum and enjoy the view from the 35 metre viewing tower.

ArbeiaArbeia Roman Fort and Museum, South TynesideArbeia is the best reconstruction of a Roman fort in Britain and offers visitors a unique insight into the every day life of the Roman army, from the soldier in his barrack room to the commander in his luxurious house.

Great North Museum: Hancock, Newcastle upon TyneSee a large-scale, interactive model of Hadrian's Wall, major new displays showing the wonder of the animal and plant kingdoms, spectacular objects from the Ancient Greeks and mummies from Ancient Egypt, a planetarium and a life-size T-Rex.