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The Way of Light – Bitesize Walk Two

North Pennines

A Honey-Stoned Village, Dark Skies and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.    

Distance: 2-4 miles  

Start: Blanchland (car or bike)

Route: Blanchland – Shildon – Pennypie Farm – Actoncleugh Head/Slaley Forest

Finish: Slaley Forest

In a nutshell:   

The historic village of Blanchland within the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty has tales of lead miners, 18th century Jacobites and the Lord Crewe Charitable Trust established in 1721 by a Prince Bishop of Durham.

In Dark Sky territory take a “walk on the wild side” in the company of friends and with a spirit of adventure. In the darkness of a cloudless night the celestial world opens up during a stroll on the open moors near Pennypie Farm, north of Blanchland village centre. For the well equipped expert in night time navigation the walk can be extended to the edge of Slaley Forest.

Whilst a full moon will aid navigation it will mean less stars are visible against the lunar brightness. Carry a torch with a red beam or tape red film across a white beam to limit the impact a white light can have on human vision.   

Why not visit: 

  • St Mary the Virgin, Blanchland Abbey

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